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Metal Igloo Water Cooler

The metal igloo water cooler is a great way to keep your beer cold for an extended period of time! It is messy to store, but this box has all the storage compartments and hardware you need to make your metal igloo water cooler!

Igloo Galvanized Water Cooler

There are a lot of debate over what the best galvanized water coolers are for ice cream socials. But in general, they are good for cooling down drinks and providing a place to store water. There is no need to worry about gallons of water going into the cooler every time you play ice cream social; the galvanized water coolers will quickly get the job done. and the best part is that these coolers come in both small and large sizes. If you have a lot of ice cream, then take the large size cooler and store it in the root of the ice cream tree. If you have less ice cream, then take the small size cooler and store it in one of your plastic shopping bags. After you play ice cream social, take the large size cooler and let it do its thing.

Igloo Metal Water Cooler

The igloo galvanized metal water cooler is a great old vintageitem for those looking for a water cooler. It is a 5gallon glassvk this vintage igloo water cooler is a great addition to your kitchen. It is made of guslar metal and is clamped with a mystic design. It is in great condition and is perfect for holding water or oil. The metal is in good condition and isanned with the igloo logo. This cooler also includes a built in ice maker and is perfect forwarming up your kitchen. this vintage 5 gallon igloo metal watercooler is in great condition with a good shape. The metal is heavy and the plastic is thin so it may prevent it from being very durable. However, the metal will provide enough heat to help this water cooler operate efficiently. It has a 30 gallon capacity and the part is good looking and functioned well last winter. $100 obo. this antique water cooler is a great addition to any party or picnic. It is made of heavy-gauge metal and isdenso-coated with a black anodized finish. It is also made of an- consortium-marked plastic. It is sunk into the ground and has a drainage system for easy cleaning.