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Vintage Water Cooler

This is a vintage coleman jug cooler that is currently for sale. It is this type of cooler, which has a built-in cupronickel-lined container for water and a cup. It is also about 1 gallon in size, which makes it a great choice for keeping heat needs for cooking or drinking. This one is for sale at a very priceable price!

vintage antique water cooler
Vintage Little Brown Jug Water Cooler

Vintage Little Brown Jug Water Cooler

By Hemp And Co Inc


Old School Water Cooler

There's no need for a water cooler when you have this one! .

Vintage Water Cooler Walmart

This vintage green coleman diamond pattern water cooler jug thermos with cup is perfect for using as a place to enjoy a cold drink during a hot day. The mug is made of stainless steel and has a diamond pattern on the front. It is also microwave and imperative for those who love toke and chat. this vintage coleman 1 gallon metal thermos water cooler jug is a great way to keep your drinks hot all day long! It's clean and it's in great condition! This jug is a great addition to your coleman pantry! this vintage 1970s thermos orange 1 gallon water cooler beverage jug is perfect for camping or when you need a cold drink! It is made of heavy-gauze hard plastic and has a comfortable top that makes it easy to drink. The thermos orange design is still in use and is still a favorite with customers! this vintage coleman 1 gallon ice water cooler jug reusable ice block is a great way to keep your coleman 1 gallon ice water cooler organized and organized for when the weather takes a turn for the worse. The 7. 5 x 4. 5 x 3. 8 in. Is a great size for holding 13 ounces or so. The ice is cheesecloth was originally used tocnn's "the early morningorigins" onceto collect snowflakes off the ground.