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Galvanized Igloo Water Cooler

This vintage igloo 5 gallon galvanized steel metal water cooler is a great way to keep your water at a temperature perfect for using in your igloo. This cooler also comes with a cool all-around function. This water cooler is perfect for use in your igloo, and is made from galvanized steel metal.

Antique Igloo Water Cooler

If you're looking for a great and affordable water cooler, we've got just the thing! This antique iegloo design is perfect for any occasion, and can hold a few water bottles or even a few liters of water! It can be placed in any where you want, and can be used for just about anything else you'd like to drink a drink in those days! Try it out today!

Igloo 3 Gallon Galvanized Water Cooler

This is a amazing old vintage igloo 3 gallon galvanized water cooler. This cooler was used ago and has some beautiful vintage features. It is made of metal and is 5 gallon rating which is amazing because it is not many coolers are. This cooler has a water heater and is perfect for salt water swimming. this vintage igloo water cooler dispenser is made of guanized metal and is 5 gallon. It is a great addition to any drinkin' area. This igloo water cooler has a classic design and is perfect for cold drinks. It is also included with your purchase. this cooler is from the old igloo line of water coolers. They were popular back in the day and are still made and available in some stores. The design is azona hardwood with a lemonade party logo and it is available in a 2 or 4 cup capacity. It is also available in a variety of colors and designs. this vintage metal igloo water cooler has a 3 gallon drinking water perm-a-lined cooler dispenser on it. This is a great addition to any home emergency kit.